Film Festival Testimonials

Read testimonials of recent filmmakers who have had their drama short film showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. 

I was very moved and excited by (watch the FEEDBACK video of my film). It’s so amazing to see how people react.
– Erich Steiner, Short Film “In the Still of the Night”

I like having the audience “participate” in any art form. If they care enough, here they get a chance to wonder, imagine & write their own ending. I loved receiving the audience feedback from the festival.
– George Pogatsia, Short Film “Family on Board”

I was relieved that they actually engaged with the film, that’s all I ask. Right before any audience sees my film I immediately think that I’m a fraud and the film is terrible and that I’ll be chased through the streets with pitchforks and tax increases.
– Rian Smith, Short Film “Robbie the Rabbit”

I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to see real people react to the film. The WILDsound audience could speak freely and honestly and so their impressions were a joy to see. I was also over the moon to see that many in the audience seemed to have grasped and engaged with the main story arc but also with some of the sub-themes of the film. I took a risk by making a film that is somewhat open-ended and one which depends more on visual and musical communication rather than verbal communication. I am delighted to see that, for some in the audience, this paid off.
– Don Duncan, Short Film “A Sign”

I found it very refreshing and I was glued to the screen. It was good to hear the audiences reactions to the film and what they took away from it. It really is exciting when you find an engaged audience.
– Shekhar Bassi, Short Film “No Love Lost”

I was really glad to have a chance to know what people from Toronto thought of my film, because in most cases, I don’t have the possibility to attend the foreign festivals featuring my shorts, and overall I don’t get any specific feedback, so it feels a bit like a dehumanized process sometimes. Plus, there were some very interesting interpretations from the audience, it’s always fascinating to hear how people perceived your work.
– Cedric Messemanne, Short Film “After”

I watched the video several times. I found some of my intentions in the audience reactions. In a certain way, I think I succeeded in telling my story. It’s amazing what audience members see in my movie. You can’t control everything when you’re making a movie, so everyone is able to see whatever they want in the final result. And that’s a good thing.
– Nora Burlet, Short Film “Go Against”



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