Screenplay Testimonials

Read testimonials of recent screenplay writers who have had their drama script showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. 

There’s nothing like it — an absolutely nurturing process, with the absolute best written feedback of any contest, immediate on-line access to table reads of dozens of fine scripts, and the thrill of seeing a screenplay so dear to me come to life thtrough the voices of professional actors.
– Danny M. Howell, THE PAPER ROUTE

WILDsound seems more in touch with the writer than other contest or festivals. Some contests are very arbitrary and it’s like shoving your work and money into a dark hole, never to be seen or heard from again. WILDsound’s feedback was succinct and identified the area that needed work, as well as gave me encouragement.
– Paul Myerberg, PTSD

The feedback is always on target and helps me decide on what to cut, improve, develop and streamline.

Your support of artists. I always see you guys posting and encouraging people. You do more than just “sit in judgement” of films and scripts, you offer much appreciated feedback.
– Claire Wasmund, SOMBRA

The opportunity to have my work read and interpreted by talented actors. Having your work read is truly an amazing privilege. The WILDsound review was very helpful, fair and thoughtful. I read it very carefully.
– Giuseppe LiMandra, TRUE COLORS

The prospect of having it performed by actors. Also, the feedback was perfectly constructive without being too specific.
– Ed Vassie, HOW IT STARTS

I’m very grateful for the feedback from WILDsound. It was specific and on point. It helped me immensely.
– Arthur S. Brown, BROWNIE AND FRAN

I was interested in getting feedback from a third party that I’d never met. I thought the feedback was great– spot on and helpful.
– Brough Hansen, ASCENT

I was drawn to the festival based on its format. Hearing your screenplay read aloud by actors for the first time is a big plus.
– Joshua Collins, THE ARV

There’s nothing worse for a writer than hearing just “no”, without any feedback. And there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing how others interpret your work. WILDsound festival is the place where constructive feedback and creative interpretation meet together. That’s why I chose it and it definitely met my expectations!
– Piotr Jamroz, THE DEAD END

Positive feedback on an unfinished piece can truly motivate a writer to push through to the end.
– Chris Courtney Martin, LOVELESS

I think the feedback is excellent and I tried to accommodate the suggestions without taking anything away from what I originally submitted to receive the win. I really like the encouragement and the willingness by the reader to share where I can make it even better. Y’all rock.

The WILDsound Festival not only offers avenues for success for emerging screenwriters and filmmakers, but also for young actors and film crew.
– James C. Peters, FEI JI