Drama Festival Testimonial – August 18 2018

 Christopher K. Jones (TV Pilot – Headcase)

I’ve entered quite a few festivals, and many times I get coverage. I had a reading done before which I paid the actors. It was amazing and helped me really evolve the script. I think having the FOD table read is better than a cash prize because now I have something to show people. And I just love seeing actors interpret my work. I think it is an awesome prize and I am honored to have been chosen and I loved the reading. The coverage has ranged from really good, poignant, and cuttingly accurate, to way-off and the person just breezed through it and was just on their own trip. I thought the feedback received from FOD was spot on and I made some changes accordingly. The biggest one was that my ACTIONS were too wordy. I struggle with conciseness. It’s really an amazing skill. Since I was under the gun to get some of their revisions done so FOD could do the reading and I didn’t do the best job. But I’ve since gone back and did a really hard look at the script and did more editing based on FOD’s advice. It’s definitely much tighter now.

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Genre: Drama, Sports

Dr. Andrew Beck, is the goto Sports Psychologist for pro athletes. But he has a gambling problem, and he gets deep in debt with Fergus McKenzie, a psychotic Scottish gangster. To get out of trouble with his skull intact, Andrew is forced to trade on his patients’ state of mind.


Lorry: Lauren Kristina Maykut
Sandra: Meghan Allen
Marcus: Jarrod Terrell
Narrator: Matt Barnes
Andrew: Rob Notman
Fergus: Allan Michael Brunet
Gina: Kyra Weichert


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