Director BIO: Andres Passoni (3:32)

Director Biography – Andrés Passoni

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Andrés Passoni was born in Pergamino, Argentina in 1988. He graduated from University of Palermo in Audiovisual Communication and works as a Production Coordinator in a stock footage company.

As an independent filmmaker he directed four short films: Piscina, Try Me and Campeón, which played in international film festivals. 3:32 is his last short film.


Director Statement


I always found fame and female pop stars intriguing. Years ago I read an interview to a music producer stating that 3 minutes 32 seconds was the perfect length for a pop song, which inspired me to create a character that during the peak of its career is trying to find meaning as an artist.

I thought that an interview with the same length was the perfect situation to explore how musicians feel when journalists start asking personal questions and the artist wants them to focus on their music.

Mainly through sound I wanted to create an introspective experience for the viewer and share my view of what I think is a captivating subject.


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