Feature Film Pitch: Paperclip, by Marshall White

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ACTORTitle: Paperclip

Written by: Marshall White

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, War

Logline: In the final months of WWII the United States deploys a team of operatives to race against allies and enemies alike to capture an influential, but mysterious, Nazi scientist.

Synopsis: After Private Daniel Conner is injured during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 his commanding officer, Lieutenant Stevens, coax’s him back into the fray on a secret mission behind enemy lines. On their way to locate and recover Dr. William Nile’s, a Nazi scientist integral to the Germans “Wonderwuffen” secret weapons program, Conner has a strange vision of the targets location that ends up coming true.

After capturing Dr. Niles, Conner has another vision; a unknown U.S. Army Soldier guns down one of his squad mates, the hotblooded country boy Private Benjamin Riley. As LT. Stevens leads the squad deeper into enemy territory…

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