Short Story Logline: Time, by Camila Flores

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review


ACTORTitle: Time

Written by: Camila Flores

Type: Short Story

Genre: Drama

Logline: Time. It’s the most valuable and irreplaceable gift a human can have. Of course not everyone has it but everybody craves it. Time will eventually run out and you’ll think about everything you wish you could’ve done when you had it. Yes, I’m talking about that one crush you had in high school but were too scared to ask out. You recently found out they got married and realized that could’ve been you, if only you had taken the time to say a simple “hello, how’s your day been?” Yes, I’m talking about that last phone call your mother gave you but you “didn’t have time” to pick up, only to find out she was going to die the next day. If only you had taken a few seconds out of your “busy day” to tell…

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