Movie Review: MIDNIGHT COWBOY (1969)

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Posted review in tribute to Dustin Hoffman’s birthday today (August 8th).

Movie Reviews

Directed by John Schlesinger

Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Sylvia Miles, John McGiver, Brenda Vaccaro, Ruth White, Jennifer Salt

Review by Robert Seoane

A naive young man from Texas named Joe Buck packs up and leaves for New York City to find fame and fortune as a hustler. Upon arrival, he begins a slow, downward spiral into the lowest depths of the city , struggling to survive in what becomes a desperate existence mired in hunger and humiliation. His life takes a slight turn upwards when he accepts Ratso Rizzo’s invitation to share a condemned building as living quarters. Ratso is a slimy con-artist who’s already conned Buck in a previous meeting, and is making a last ditch effort to reach out to another human being for the sake of simple companionship.



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