Screenplay Festival: April 19, 2018 Event

WILDsound Festival

FULL CAST LIST:Val Cole, Petra O’Toole, Neil Bennett, Scott Beaudin, John Fray, Nick Wicht

FEATURE Screenplay Reading of FOR A GOOD LIFE, by Natalia Maslin

Genre: Drama, Family

A young hockey prodigy loses his brother and deals with the consequences as he learns a new family dynamic and develops a new father-son relationship.


Bill: Neil Bennett
Ben: Scott Beaudin
Narrator: Val Cole
Adam: John Fray
Morgan: Petra O’Toole
Tim: Nick Wicht

1st Scene Reading of THE GREAT ADVENTURE OF THE BENTLEY GIRLS, by Elisa Herrmann

Genre: Historical Drama

Set in England in the early 1800s, and tells the story of the Bentleys, a family composed of Aunt Lucy, the matriarch, and her three orphan nieces, Eliza, Julia, and Mary. Aunt Lucy’s goal in life is to arrange good marriages to her nieces, fulfilling a promise she made to her sister in her…

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