SHORT STORY Best Scene Reading of TERROR AT THE STERLING, by Jeff Dawson

Novel Writing Festival


Genre: Horror

“Terror at the Sterling” is a short horror story based on actual events where the desk clerk is required to perform a simple eviction that plunges him back to the unsolved murders from thirty years ago.


Narrator/Mel: Hugh Ritchie
RJ: Nick Baillie
911 Operator: Susan Q. Wilson
Sergeant: Allan Michael Brunet

Get to know the writer:

1. What is your short story about? Let’s use the blurb for this one:

February 2013. The day started out normal enough for Mel: emails, phone calls, and general business issues. His normal routine was about to be disrupted when the new General Manager, Cheryl, told him and Jimmy to evict the two hookers whose rent was three days past due. Mel shivered at the thought. The last eviction, six months ago, still haunted him. He couldn’t erase the memory of the blood and gore, he and his partner…

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