Winning FEMALE TV PILOT Screenplay – JUNKED by Alice Dennard

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

Genre: Comedy, Family, Sitcom

JUNKED is a story about resilience against life’s messes- a high school where you don’t fit in, a mother who’s not exactly June Cleaver, a father who’s supposed to be dead, and the literal mess of their trailer filled to the brim with stolen, used, and broken junk.

Narration: Sean Ballantyne
Petey: Andrea Meister
Mark: Jordy Kieto
Jennifer: Konstantina Mantelos
Zane: Jack Comerford
Tex: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Coach Moe: Anthony Botelho

Get to know the writer:

What is your screenplay about?

JUNKED is the story of PETEY DURAND, an aspiring fashion maven who’s trapped in a trailer park with her zoned-out brother and hoarding mother. When Petey starts at a fancy new gifted and talented high school, she’s forced to hide her mother’s illness and keep her trailer park life a secret. All in hopes of keeping her Chanel covered dreams on track.


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