Director Biography – Santiago Niembro (IN UNION AND DEATH)

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I was born in Mexico city, back in 96, where I was born and raised till the ripe old age of twelve. Thanks to my father’s job we had to move all the way to the old continent, to Sweden to be more precise. Without knowing a word of Swedish or even English I had learn from scratch, it was a trial in every sense of the word. For years I felt like a stranger, without being able to express myself or understand others… until I did. Today I think of Sweden as my second home and I’m thankful for the experience I got to live there. If very well my love for cinema was born with me in Mexico, thanks to my grandfather (a lifelong lover of the movies) it grew with me when I lived in Sweden. I learned the beauty of the art form and its universality, it didn’t matter which language I spoke or where I came from, a good story was always and will always be a good story.

Director Statement

When Rodrigo Ferrat sent me the script for “En Unión Y Muerte” I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. I instantly sympathized with every character, the protagonist who finds himself in a strange land, trying to understand strange traditions, all because of love. The concerned father trying to repair his broken family. And the daughter, who just lost her mother. It is a tale of a fish out of water (my favorite kind of story) and as soon as I read it I knew I had to be involved somehow. I wanted the audience to understand what it is to be a stranger, to feel like no one, even in your own family, understands you. To understand that feeling of wanting to belong and to feel loved. And to understand what family means family means in Mexico.


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