Director Biography – Grace Chang (A MISSING PIECE)

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Grace Chang is an award-winning actor and filmmaker, writer and director based in New York. She grew up in a family of well-known entertainers in China, where the sparks of her creativity were nurtured. Her real life experiences inspired her to write and direct her first short film, A Missing Piece, for which she has won Best First Time Director, Best Short Film and Best Actress. Her other achievements include being a published author of children’s books, and professional stage magician / illusionist at the start of her career. Her film acting credits include Disney production of <The Joy Luck Club>, indie-film <The Accordionist>, <A Missing Piece>, and many more films productions.

Director Statement

Every immigrant has their own story to tell, and I want to share mine, which is about the love that I have for the beauty of my culture and family. I believe that when someone leaves their home to start a new life in another country, there is a feeling of leaving something behind. A Missing Piece is based on my own story and the feeling of something missing.

The story that I want to share is that I grew up in China and studied Peking Opera with my father. Although I never became a professional opera performer, I have a deep passion for it and cherish the time I studied it with my father. After I immigrated to the U.S. I missed my family and culture. As my father aged and his memory started to fade, I struggled to connect with him. In an effort to connect my past with my present I brought my son back to visit him. Two years ago my father passed away. The whole experience between my father and my son inspired me to create the film, A Missing Piece. The son in the movie is played by my son in real life. I hope that audiences can find something to connect with in this film.


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