Director Biography – Daniel Everitt-Lock

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Director and Cinematographer, Daniel has worked across 5 continents in over 15 countries over the past 8 years.
Now based in Toronto, Daniel works primarily as a Cinematographer, and co-owns True Perspective in which he is Creative Director.
Proudest moments currently include; winning Best VR film for Humanity at the Toronto New Wave Film Festival, being accepted as an Associate Member to the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and shooting at the Rio 2016 Olympic games.

Director Statement

As a Director, I always strive for the idea of delivering a social message along with my films. As a white male, I don’t feel appropriately adjusted to telling stories of the inequality between gender, race or sexuality when it is not something that has directly affected myself. No matter how current and important these issues may be.
As a social message for this film, I looked to a broader sense of what it is to be a human being, and not just a sub-section of human culture.
My message for this film lies within the struggles of war and the unnecessary strife that is put upon the common soldier, for the good of a political and economical agenda.
I wanted to show a shared link in trauma between the opposing sides of the war. Linking our two characters in their pain, but showing how people all deal with things in their own ways, and in the case as something as extreme as the horrors of war, rather drastic actions are taken.
My film aims to open the eyes of the viewer to the harsh realities of war, but in a visually enticing way, as to keep a modern audiences eyes and minds from straying.


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