Director Biography – Nicola Fan (DAFFODIL)

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Nicola Fan is a Hong Kong based graphic designer and award-winning filmmaker.

Her drama short film LIL’ TIGER, was awarded Best Director of Short Foreign Film at 2019 North Europe International Film Festival. Her first feature length documentary SHE OBJECTS, was official selection at 2016 Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong. It was also awarded Best Scientific & Educational Documentary at 2017 Nice International Film Festival. Recommended by Hong Kong International Film Festival, her music video THE EVE, was sponsored by CreateHK to be sent to film festivals worldwide from 2014—2015.

She is a Director for commercials, music videos, motion-graphics, documentaries, films; and Creative / Art Director for marketing and advertising campaign design.

Nicola graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Director Statement

Our human minds are intact, yet our head space can be infinitely vast or restrictively narrow, guiding us through the darkness of survival, yet fully capable of breaking us down in despair or insanity. The process and responses of the mind, especially under extremity of situations are an odyssey of its own.

It is precisely this elusive odyssey of the mind and head space that fascinates me as a film maker, fuelling my inspiration and point of the film – visualizing one’s introspection.

We live in a semblance of connectedness, yet our connection to ourselves has never felt so vague and faded. Daffodil represents the numbed perspective of our times, prompting us to question if we really are hearing and connecting with others. Regretfully, it often takes a drastic moment or experience to prompt us to evaluate our current paradigms.


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