Drama Festival Testimonial – May 5 2020

K G ( The Orange Chihuahua)

I was in a slump, wondering where to go next after I had already entered several screenplay contests. I decided to search via genre and audience population and found your Drama and Family Film Festival.

I appreciated my initial feedback. It was suggested that I create a problem for my main character, Amador (AKA Chile), perhaps having Amador getting swept up and taken to a cruise liner. I tried writing to that end, but it seemed to take me further away from my central message. As my script is now, Amador learns not to make false claims by almost getting caught three times in the story. That’s basically the story, so I am at a mental block when it comes to stretching the story further.

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After spending his days beside his owner, a chihuahua named Amador slips on his master’s enchanted slippers and transforms into bright orange Chile by night. The boisterous and outgoing Chile is the life of the party, although some of the other dogs begin to grow tired of his antics and ego. One day, Amador discovers that his master has gotten a new pair of slippers and he is no longer able to transform into Chile. He goes to his friends and tells them the truth about his charade, but they reply that, given the choice, they would prefer to spend time with him rather than Chile. Amador becomes more confident and comfortable as himself.


Alvaro: Steven Holmberg
Narrator: Cynthia Crofoot
Chile: William Poulin
Devante: Fabio Abreu


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