Drama Festival Testimonial – June 8 2020

Screenwriter James C. Peters (Soccer Babe)

I first entered the festival in 2015 with my Chinese aviation history screenplay, Fei Ji (Flying Machine, in Mandarin), which won the competition prize of a professional table read. It was wonderfully done, with excellent actors, and it was over 2.5 hours long! As for my feelings, it was thrilling. Later I received an option offer for the script. As I’ve told WildSound Festival director Matthew Toffolo, the Festival provides not only opportunities for screenwriters but also for young actors to perform at table reads and also act in short films. I’m truly grateful for the Wildsound Festival and the opportunities it offers.

Watch the Screenplay Reading:


Rhonda – 2 – ETHEL ABRAY
Resnor – 12 – TED POWERS
Jessica – 8 – OLIVIA BARRETT



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