DRAMA Festival 1st Scene Read: Stoney Saves Christmas, by Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Lars Johansson was once a North Pole explorer, but after his last trip in 1986 where he lost his furry pal Critter and they barely made out alive, he’s hung up his explorer boots for a slightly tamer life at Tamarack Lodge in Ely, Minnesota. In charge of a team of dogs and renting out the lodge for tourists suits the older and less-mobile Lars better at his age anyway. But finances have gotten a little challenging and it looks like this Christmas season may be Lars and his wife Gloria’s last one at Tamarack Lodge. Sleazy investor Cory is circling the property with an offer in hand like a vulture. But when Fred and Beth, a travel writer and corporate businesswoman and their children Sam and Angie rent the lodge for their Christmas holiday to reconnect as a family and try some winter adventures, the kids are shocked to discover that the kennel of sled-dogs can talk to them! The magic begins as the lead sled dog Stoney discovers Cory’s plan to raze Tamarack Lodge, get rid of the pups, and construct a luxury inn. And to make matters worse, a sudden health scare for Lars makes Cory’s intrusion even more likely. The kids and dogs team up to stop Cory’s plan, culminating in a fast-paced sled sequence and the heroic Stoney trekking across Canada to reach Santa’s workshop and beg him to help the kids and their parents save the Lodge. The true spirit of Christmas isn’t material goods, it’s the time spent with family, and Tamarack Lodge has afforded Fred, Beth, Sam, and Angie exactly that. And with dogs! After Stoney saves the day with a hefty “book advance” for Fred from Santa, the family can purchase Tamarack Lodge and agrees to look after the home, dogs, and spirit of the place that brought them together this holiday season.


Narrator: Hannah Ehman
Lars: Steve Rizzo
Gloria: Kyana Teresa


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