Movie Review: THE SAVER (Canada 2015) ***1/2

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the_saverTHE SAVER (Canada 2015) ***1/2
Directed by Wiebke von Carolsfeld

Starring: Imajyn Cardinal, Pascale Bussières, Brandon Oakes

Review by Gilbert Seah

THE SAVER, a small budget little gem, based on the novel by Edeet Ravel opens in the small movie Carlton complex in Toronto, but it is a film that delivers big messages. The film works because writer/director von Carolsfeld who directed MARION BRIDGE, loves her subject, the setting of Montreal and all her characters. And it shows in her film.

The film’s protagonist is a teenager. But this teen is not one who can enjoy parties, go to movies, drink and can have fun.

When the film begins, poor (literally poor) 16-year old native Fern (Imajyn Cardinal) loses her mother. Not only is she poor, she is now an orphan and she is afraid of Social…

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