Script Movie: The Black Heart Book – Best Scene. Written by Carol Hoffman & Rosezelle Boggs-Qualls

Produced by Matthew Toffolo
Visual Design by Kimberly Villarruel

Voice Actors:
Val Cole
Sean Ballantyne
Geoff Mays


ALEX TURNER, a God-fearing, farmer with a fascination for the law,
questions God’s will when a relative sues him in a property dispute.
Ready to do anything to protect his Kentucky homestead and right the
grave injustice, he represents himself in court and wins but the
victory doesn’t stem his loss of faith in his fellow man or
strengthen his shaky faith in God.

He prays about his doubt and searches his Bible for answers. His
determination to protect himself and his family from such enemies wins
out and he orders a book that will show him how to take control of his
life and learn the secrets of life and of the almighty. He must sin to
obtain the special powers. He wrestles with the consequences and is
too weak to resist the temptation.


He commits his sin on Big Black Mountain and comes face to face with
the Devil. Alex repents and begs God to save him and to forgive him.
The special powers remain and he uses “the touch” to right wrongs and
heal certain diseases even though people accuse him of witchcraft.
His intelligent, but lazy and conniving, son, and honest, hardworking,
tomboy daughter know he has strange powers. The son desires the power
so he can “spell” people into his way of thinking. Alex, determined to
right a wrong in his daughter’s life, plays God and isn’t sure
whether God forgives him until he shares his secret with his daughter
instead of his son.


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