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Winning Short Screenplay Reading: The Breathing Moon, by Jeffrey Morin

  A father in Italy tells his two children a story of the breathing moon, in the night, in his bed, as the moon peers in through the French doors of the balcony. The haunting sound of breathing weaves it’s … Continue reading

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Script Movie: The Black Heart Book – Best Scene. Written by Carol Hoffman & Rosezelle Boggs-Qualls

Produced by Matthew Toffolo Visual Design by Kimberly Villarruel Voice Actors: Val Cole Sean Ballantyne Geoff Mays SYNOPSIS: ALEX TURNER, a God-fearing, farmer with a fascination for the law, questions God’s will when a relative sues him in a property … Continue reading

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Today’s Drama Screenplay Reading: HAIL MARY by Stan Williamson

Submit your Drama Screenplay to the Festival: http://festivalfordrama.com Continue reading

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