DRAMA Festival 1st Scene: MOONSCOPE, by David Fein

Allen is an astronaut living on the moon, his only friend is Meg, an A.I. voice who only has a physical body inside his head. He is looking for habitable planets when one day the Earth disappears, making him the last human known to be alive. When Meg helps Allen hack into his deeper consciousness, he emerges but she has suddenly disappeared and rebooted to a default voice. Suddenly after several days of depression, Meg reappears but in human form, not an A.I. They finally find a habitable planet but they don’t have the fuel to get there. They find the fuel to take off and head for the planet, they finally make it and Allen turns to Meg, who isn’t there.


Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Allen: Allan Michael Brunet
Meg: Val Cole


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