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Winning Short Screenplay Reading: The Breathing Moon, by Jeffrey Morin

  A father in Italy tells his two children a story of the breathing moon, in the night, in his bed, as the moon peers in through the French doors of the balcony. The haunting sound of breathing weaves it’s … Continue reading

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1st Scene DRAMA Screenplay Reading of Lost Memories by Bernhard Riedhammer

Logline: When an elderly man has a stroke and suffers memory loss, his estranged son must set aside a grudge he’s been nursing to move in and take care of him. CAST LIST: Nurse: Rachel Salsberg Donna : Nancy Kenny … Continue reading

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Watch Drama Best Scene Reading: MY LIFE WITH STELLA KANE, by Linda Morganstein

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Best Scene from MY LIFE WITH STELLA KANE Screenplay
Written by Linda Morganstein Continue reading

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